Amgen Scholars Application Instructions

How to Apply


Are you an ambitious, enthusiastic undergraduate who wants to explore biotechnology research in a Harvard-affiliated lab full-time for ten weeks in the summer, and live among our community of research scholars?  Follow these simple steps to submit an application for Summer 2019.

The deadline for receipt of COMPLETE application materials is 5:00pm EST, February 1, 2019.  INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.



Read the biotechnology research descriptions of potential faculty hosts carefully and determine up to three projects in which you’d like to participate.


Non-Harvard applicants will need to create an XID before they begin the application process. Create an XID here by entering your email address and name. Your new XID will be used to access CARAT, where you will submit your application. After you create your XID, it will take approximately 15-20 minutes before CARAT will recognize your XID creditials. 

Harvard applicants will be able to submit applications to CARAT using their Harvard key creditials. 


IMPORTANT: You should enter your recommenders in CARAT before starting any other application materials. Make sure you give your recommenders plenty of time to ensure your application is completed by the deadline. Do NOT wait until the night before the application is due to send the reference requests from CARAT.

Two letters of recommendation are required. Download the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Recommender Instructions below. Send each of your two recommenders the instructions, which will guide recommenders on the topics we would like addressed in their letters of recommendation. We strongly encourage you to have a conversation with your recommenders about your interest in the program, and share your essays with them, which will help inform them about what they could write. 

Letters should be submitted by recommenders to CARAT. Make sure to remind your recommenders to submit their letters before the February 1, 2019 deadline.

To download the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Recommender Instructions, please click the button below.


A complete Harvard-Amgen Scholarship application consists of the following materials:

The four essay questions are as follows:

  • Describe the research project that interests you most and articulate why it appeals to you. Focus on your principal choice, but include a paragraph at the end to briefly discuss your second and/or third choices. (1000 words)
  • What have you done academically to prepare for this particular experience? (500 words)
  • What are your academic/professional goals, and how do you see this opportunity supporting your trajectory as a scientist? (500 words)
  • How would you benefit from and contribute to the Amgen Scholar community of undergraduate biotechnology researchers? (500 words)

A .pdf copy of your unofficial transcript with coursework through Fall 2018 (you may either scan the transcript, or submit an unencrypted unofficial electronic version if offered by your institution). Submitted transcripts must meet the following criteria: 

  • Include Fall 2018 Grades
  • Include Course Titles (course numbers not accepted)
  • Must NOT be encrypted
    • It is the responsibility of the applicant to find out if the electronic unofficial transcript is encrypted from their Registrar. An encrypted transcript (official or unofficial) will NOT be accepted and your application will be considered incomplete. 

 Please note that upon admission to the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program, students will need to provide an official transcript. 

A recent copy of your resume saved in .pdf format. 

To download the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program 2019 Application and Essay Form, please click the button below.


Once you have completed the required application components, upload and submit your application materials in .pdf format. Please note that if you are not ready to submit your application materials immediately following your online registration, you may go back to the materials submission website at a later time by clicking the link below.

  • Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program 2019 Application and Essay Form 
  • Current Transcript 
  • Resume 


Your application is complete when you have fully responded to each of these steps. After the deadline has passed and we have had the opportunity to initially evaluate the submitted applications, you will receive an email confirming that you are being considered for the program.

The selection process is quite thorough and is comprised of three steps:  the first step examines basic eligibility and assigns a general rating to each application; the second step is focused more thoroughly on specific research interests and faculty host choices for the purpose of matching applicants to projects; and, the third step includes Skype interviews of finalists prior to final selection of the Harvard-Amgen Scholars.

ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE SELECTION RESULTS AFTER INTERVIEWS ARE COMPLETED, which we expect to happen in early to mid-March.  Please do not contact our office requesting updates on the status of your application.