Amgen Scholars Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

The Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program collaborates with faculty across the university. Applicants should select up to three potential faculty hosts from the departments, institutes, and schools listed below. Applicants should not reach out to faculty prior to being admitted to the program. Admitted students to the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program will be connected with potential faculty hosts by the Amgen Scholars Program staff. Please look carefully at the faculty profiles to determine up to three potential faculty hosts with biotechnology-based projects that you are interested in participating in during the summer program.   

Wyss Institute
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Division of Medical Sciences
Broad Institute (must have Harvard faculty appointment)

If you have questions about faculty hosts or their Harvard appointments, please contact the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program (