Director's Welcome

Harvard College works diligently to cultivate substantive and transformative opportunities that augment and enhance the intellectual life of undergraduates. Collaborating pedagogically with faculty across the University and guided by principles that underscore the importance and significance of these experiences in a liberal arts education, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships was created to capitalize on and promote Harvard’s amazing resources across every academic domain. Whether you are interested in getting started in a laboratory, exploring curatorial projects in the humanities, or applying for a postgraduate award, the URAF staff is dedicated to help you navigate the research and fellowship landscape at Harvard, at other domestic locations, and around the globe. I wish you success in thinking broadly about what may be possible, and hope that the information we have put together here is helpful to you. You always are welcome to visit us at 77 Dunster Street during walk-in advising (generally 2-4pm Monday through Thursday during the academic year), or other times by setting up an appointment at 617-495-5095.

Yours truly,

Greg Llacer