Opportunities for Recent Alumni

As recent alumni of Harvard College ("recent alumni" usually means 1-2 years past your graduation date), there are a number of URAF-supported funding opportunities that will support you to undertake graduate study or teaching in the UK. There are also external (i.e., non-Harvard) awards that fund educational and service opportunities. Get started by using our searchable Browse URAF Opportunities page to identify opportunities that match your interests, and goals and to learn about the required application steps for each one.

Some external awards require alumni to first be nominated, also referred to as receiving "endorsement," by their undergraduate institution before applying. If you are currently a graduate student at another institution, you will need to verify if it is preferred for you to apply for future awards via that school or via your undergraduate institution.

Some awards encourage applicants to re-apply if you were not successful the first time around. Fellowships foundations understand that in the time since your first application you may have had interesting new experiences and added skillsets that elevate you further as a potential candidate in their eyes. It is worth looking at the possibility of re-applying if you are still interested to pursuing an opportunity offered by specific awards.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be that you apply for an award for the first time after graduating. This is entirely acceptable and there is no disadvantage to applying as alumni. One difference would be that alumni might also request letters of recommendation from both college professors and persons who know them from a more recent context (i.e., a job manager). At this point, the application reviewers will be eager to not only learn about your time at the College, but also how you have evolved since then.

Finally, while exploring the Browse URAF Opportunities page, remember that our website is not a complete listing of all opportunities and funding options. There are many more not identified here that are available to you. URAF staff are happy to help you identify specific opportunities and/or funding databases to continue your exploration of potential resources.

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