Mentored Research Policy for Summer 2021

Harvard College undergraduates in good standing may participate in on-campus laboratory research. The laboratory PI (faculty host) should add the student to the lab re-occupancy form and ensure that all requirements for COVID safety are met (e.g., masking and distancing, sufficient fresh/highly filtered air flow, scheduling of common spaces and equipment). Students may be enrolled in a summer school independent study course for credit, paid by the faculty host, receiving a research fellowship stipend, in an undergraduate research program (such as PRISE or MSI), or volunteering for experience.


International students currently in the US and/or registered with the HIO, and who have a valid F-1 visa are eligible to conduct research. All other international students are permitted to conduct remote projects off campus during the summer.


Students on leave of absence in the spring term who have not already been approved to apply for funding or programs must consult with their resident dean by mid-May to petition the Administrative Board before laboratory research can begin.


Students must commit to participating in a specified COVID-19 testing regimen (currently twice per week for students residing on-campus, and once per week for Harvard affiliates who reside off campus but regularly work on campus). Note that students who have returned to campus housing this summer are under quarantine ("Level 1") until they have had their third negative test, which typically will be five to six days after arrival. Thus, on-campus students should not expect to return to labs until Thursday, June 10 at the earliest.


Enrolled students who are living off campus but whose residences are near enough to work in labs are eligible to do so. The laboratory PI is responsible for enrolling the undergraduate researcher in COLOR testing through the research group. Laboratory access for off-campus students will begin no earlier than following their third negative test.


The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URAF) is the central resource for students and faculty participating in mentored research. Please contact URAF at with questions.