Alex G. Booth Fellowship

Applications due: Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 11:59pm via CARAT

The Booth Fellowship helps to defray the cost of travel and associate project expenses for an experience related to an intellectual field of interest. Eligible projects may be academic in nature (enrollment in an academic program or research) or may allow for learning in a less academic setting (an internship, service project, or travel experience). Proposals may be for any length of time up to 12 months, in any location domestic or international, within GSS guidelines.Please note: these opportunities are subject to the Harvard travel regulations and may need to be altered according to current travel guidance.

Only graduating Harvard College seniors will be considered for the Booth Fellowship. Fellowships are intended to fund individuals, not groups.

Approximately $100,000 is available each year. The number and amount of individual awards will vary each year according to variation in project budgets.

Selection criteria:
Candidates must demonstrate some purpose to their proposed travel that relates to their intellectual interests, usually interpreted as related to their concentration. The proposed travel must also reflect a candidates own initiative. The donors terms direct selection committees to make awards that will enable the recipient, based on his or her own planning and initiative, to engage in a program of travel, study, research, or observation that will further expand and challenge an existing interest in a particular field.

Given the connections between a recipients field of interest and the proposed project, committees will expect to see sufficient academic preparation to derive a meaningful and thought-provoking experience during the fellowship. The donors terms also list inquisitiveness among selection criteria, as well as the potential to be challenged and have horizons broadened through the fellowship experience. Financial need is not a selection criterion.

  • Applications due: Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 11:59pm
  • Selection Committee meeting: Mid-April

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