Research Ambassadors 2022-23

Adede Appah-SampongAdede Appah-Sampong (she/her/hers)
Dunster House, Class of 2023

Adede Appah-Sampong (she/her) is a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Fascinated by the intricacies of viruses she learned about during her first-year at Harvard College (shout out LS1A!), she was intrigued by the prospect of pursuing research with Harvard faculty in the field of virology. While at home in Florida during the spring of her sophomore year, she joined the Nibert Lab at Harvard Medical School where she began studying the double-stranded RNA viruses that infect the protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis. She is currently writing her senior thesis in the Nibert Lab and is forever grateful for the opportunity to hold such autonomy in a space she never saw herself occupying. She has been fortunate enough to incorporate research over the years as a PRISE fellow, HSURV Program Assistant, and by taking research for credit. She loves being able to work so closely with faculty, graduate students, and post-docs, who have all been genuinely eager to see her succeed in all aspects of her career. Research has instilled a confidence in her that she hopes to awaken in other students as they get involved in research and realize, as she did, what they are capable of.


You can reach out to Adede at

felicia hoFelicia Ho (she/her/hers)
Currier House, Class of 2023

Felicia Ho (she/her) is a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. She’s originally from New Jersey, but she now calls the beloved treehouse (Currier House!) home. After an exciting first glimpse into cancer immunotherapy research for a few summers in high school, she jumped into research here, joining the Judy Lieberman lab at Harvard Medical School the spring of her first year. She has stayed ever since and is now writing her thesis in the lab, working at the bench on translational COVID-19 and basic cell research projects in the realm of innate immunity. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to learn to formulate hypotheses, develop rigorous experimental designs, and write and publish manuscripts — and it was all only possible with Harvard’s support! Felicia was a PRISE fellow her first-year, received HCRP funding as a sophomore, took research for credit as a junior, and was a proctor for HSURV this past summer. Close mentorship from faculty and opportunities to connect with students from diverse fields are unparalleled in research. She’s so excited to help you on your research journey!

Feel free to email to chat about balancing research and pre-med life, the M2 commute, how to cold email, HSURV, or anything on your mind!

Amy OjeaburuAmy Ojeaburu (she/her/hers)
Kirkland House, Class of 2025

Amy (she/her/hers) is a sophomore concentrating in Philosophy and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Her first research experience took place in the summer of 2022, when she participated in the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Village (HSURV). As a fellow in the Building Learning through Inquiry in the Social Sciences (BLISS) program, she worked on a project charting the impact of justifiable homicide legislation on survivors of intimate partner violence. In the fall of her sophomore year, she received HCRP funding to begin an ongoing independent project that seeks to interrogate our society’s moral hierarchy of violence—focusing specifically on the cultural foundations of mass shootings. She currently serves as a research assistant on two projects spearheaded by Harvard affiliates: one focusing on historical attempts to implement anti-lynching legislation and the other on the shaping of public histories of mounds created by Indigenous communities in the Great Lakes region. Research has become such an integral part of Amy’s life, all thanks to the amazing support networks present for student researchers at Harvard. She is so excited to help other students in the humanities and social sciences take advantage of all the research opportunities that Harvard has to offer. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have!

You can reach out to Amy at

alexia voAlexia Vo (she/her/hers)
Mather House, Class of 2024

Originally from Utica, NY, Alexia is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology along with a language citation in Chinese. As a 2021 research fellow in the Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE) and 2022 Program Assistant for the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Village (HSURV), Alexia hopes to share her experience navigating research at Harvard and applying for research opportunities as a first-generation low-income student. As a URAF research ambassador, Alexia is committed to promoting research as an accessible and enriching opportunity for all students. Alexia currently conducts research on translational repression in Plasmodium parasites in the Léger-Abraham Lab at Harvard Medical School. Outside of research, she is the Co-director of Operations for the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA), a member of the Harvard Vietnamese Association (HVA), and a facilitator for life science courses on campus. Alexia is available to talk about applying to research opportunities such as PRISE, finding a lab, choosing a concentration, and other topics mentioned above.