Class Year Guides

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    Are you looking for some advice specific to students in your class year? URAF has created guides to each year to help you think about what opportunities you may be interested in and how research or fellowships might fit...

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    Research Opportunities

    Performing research can be a very enriching and transformative part of your undergraduate experience at the College. You may encounter it as part of your coursework, but it can also be something you do outside of the classroom as a way to gain practical skills, learn about methods of inquiry and contribute actively to the advancement of study in your field.

    Finding a research opportunity will require you to be proactive, build...

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    Opportunities for International Students

    URAF supports opportunities for all undergraduates regardless of their country of citizenship or current immigration status. As enrolled undergraduates in the College, you can access numerous funded term-time and summer research, study, or travel opportunities. As seniors and recent alumni, there are postgraduate opportunities for you to consider as well. These range from options for study in a formal degree program, to performing independent research, public service, or purposeful travel either in the US or abroad.

    There are a number of considerations to be made when planning...

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    Opportunities for Recent Alumni

    As recent alumni of Harvard College ("recent alumni" usually means 1-2 years past your graduation date), there are a number of URAF-supported funding opportunities that will support you to undertake graduate study or teaching in the UK. There are also external (i.e., non-Harvard) awards that fund educational and service opportunities. Get started by using our searchable Browse URAF Opportunities page to identify opportunities...

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    First-Year Students

    What to Expect This Year

    Welcome to Harvard! We're so excited you're here. College is a great opportunity to try out new activities and interests and to delve more deeply into the things you know and love. The first few months can feel overwhelming with abundance — things to learn, people to meet, activities to sample, there's just so much! We encourage you to be adventurous but also pace yourself. Especially in your first semester, focus on "finding your feet" and getting adapted to college life before taking on lots of extra responsibility, including research.


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    What to Expect This Year

    Sophomore year is an exciting time at Harvard! You are now connected with your House community (an allegiance that lasts a lifetime!) and you've had a year to experiment with new study strategies, new activities, and new relationships. In your sophomore year, you will be asked to declare a concentration, which is where you will take the bulk of your upper-division coursework. Be sure to seek out your academic advisor in the House and also concentration advisors in your intended department — they can help you figure out which department you'll enjoy...

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    What to Expect This Year

    Junior year is a great time to hit your stride! You've shaken off those newbie jitters, you know your way around campus and have settled in to your House and your department. Own it! This school is yours.

    Juniors will often start to specialize within their area of study, narrowing in on those topics that are most exciting. It's a great time to explore more deeply, now that you know a little more about yourself. Junior year is also a great time to start thinking critically about your surroundings. See something you want to change? Go for it...

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    What to Expect This Year

    Welcome to your senior year! Capping off your college experience, senior year is full of climactic moments and looking to the future. Seniors are busy finishing up graduation requirements, some are writing senior theses, and taking a last look at interesting classes and opportunities they may have passed up along the way. Club leaders in their senior year are often tasked with thinking about the long-term longevity of their organization, how to build something that will last beyond their tenure.

    Settling In

    Senior year starts...

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