Herchel Smith Undergraduate Science Research Program

Application deadline: Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 11:59pm (EST) via CARAT

Herchel Smith is a competitive and generous award supporting undergraduate scientists conducting a substantive, independent summer research project in mathematics, engineering, life, physical/natural or computer sciences.  The Herchel Smith program intends to engage students who likely are graduate-school bound in a merit-based process, to give them an experience not unlike graduate students, from defining an independent project to presentation (and, ultimately in many cases, publication) with disciplinary rigor and intellectual depth.The project can be based anywhere in the world, but must be affiliated with a university, lab, or research enterprise and be at least 10-weeks in duration with a full-time in commitment, and employ a high degree of autonomy and input by the applicant in its design and execution (although the project may be a part of, and feed into, a larger ongoing research project supervised by a faculty PI or research host).


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